Healings with god

Healings with God Course

Do you have questions like this:-

Are you in search of god?

Do you always think that god is very difficult to achieve and it can be achieved only through purity?

Have lots and lots of questions about god and its working?

Unable to understand that why you are here on this earth?

Always think that why god has created all of the bad things in life?

Have a question that why there is war between the good and the evil?

Think that god is judging us and our karmas?

Believe that we are sinners at birth?



Then this is an opportunity to know the answers of all of the questions you are having.You will began to self realize yourself.





A must for every spirituality seeker and healer.

In these two days you will come to know:-

Who is god.

Is attaining god that difficult?

Are we here on any mission?

Are we here on any learning?

Are we here to repay our karmas?

How to get the messages from the god?

How to connect ourselves with god?

Are we here to please god so that he can give us salvation?

For what purpose does god created this whole creation?

Is god sitting somewhere else and watching us from there?

Do we have to loose anything like wealth,enjoyment,money,sex,love etc to attain god?

Is god residing in heaven?

If God is pleased only through good karmas or good deeds then why the corrupt peoples are wealthy?

Why I am unsuccessful in my profession/work/business/job,etc?

Why my relationships are not working/unhappy?

Why I am unable to make enough money in my life?

Why there are so many resentments towards others in my life?

Is god always unhappy with me?

What is my soul purpose?

What is meant by free will?

Are we impure?

Is it true that love is god?

It’s a real eye opener and it will change your reality from your ground level.Some of your deepest beliefs about god will began to fall and you will come to know that what your heart most of the time telling was right and its true that god speaks from your heart.